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Default Re: How long did Nolans Batman actually fight crime?(SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
Judging by the massive limp he had at the end if TDK, but very well could have penetrated lower into the pelvic and upper leg.

He still just pointed and didn't aim. Plus, although Batman's armor may not have been completely bulletproof, it still could have deflected a bullet headed toward the lower abdomen enough to veer off and, again, penetrate into the pelvic/leg region...especially at the less-protected seams between plates where movement is needed. If it went into that very critical joint area between hip and leg bone, it could be really bad and much harder to heal since it's so hard to restrict that movement.
If the injury was that bad like the way you describe it, how was he able to recover so quickly when he needed to be Batman again?? I know he used the brace thing in his first comeback but he doesn't have that in the pit yet he not only walks but makes a huge jump to escape the pit. And he walks perfectly fine as Bruce Wayne. So how did he recover?

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