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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - -

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
That's why I hated it. Black Widow just doesn't trike Loki into giving her information.

And again, Loki was talking about the Hulk. I ask again, "you're a monster" "no, you brought the monster", yes, he refers to Hulk, but how does that reveal his intention was to "unleash" the hulk, when he said "what", I felt like he didn't even plan for that, and that she gave him the idea right there.

Cause she didn't trick anything.

She brought up a topic she GENUINELY was concerned about, Hawkeye, and Loki proceeded to rip her apart, and her motives, and clearly emotionally effect her, and when she says "your a monster" he responds, "no, you brought the monster", taking a verbal jab at the Hulk. Now I ask again, how does that reveal that his plan was to "UNLEASH the the Hulk?"

It doesn't. Loki emotionally and accurately ripped her apart, and the scene and moment, in my eyes was ruined by throwing the whole Hulk thing in out of no where. It felt just dropped in, and nothing he said in that one statement suggests he wanted to unleash the hulk, he merely said "you brought the monster" "That's your plan, Banner"? Loki, in a confused voice "what?" I got the impression, hopefully, that he hadn't even thought about using the Hulk to his advantage, but he did. That Widow planted the idea in his head.

Because of his reaction, and nothing was said by him suggesting he was going to unleash the Hulk. It could have been his intention, hell, it probably WAS his intention, but nothing he said revealed this, not until he smiled when he heard Hulk yell.
I got the feeling he said 'what?' because he had underestimated her like Mightyally said. He didn't expect anything like that to happen to when it did he was unprepared for it because he thinks he's so much better than us.

And she probably did pull up Banner intentionally. You drop hints, see what they respond with, and if it doesn't work you move on. If she dropped it on purpose it was to find out if that's what he wanted. And he said monster. Banner isn't a monster, Hulk was the only thing on that ship that could be classified as a 'monster'. So why would he mention it if that wasn't his intention to unleash him.

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