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Originally Posted by Smashlilman View Post
Loki greatest strength is also his greatest weaknesses. Loki is a master liar. His lies are so good that when he engages in Introspection he lies to himself and believes them which results in delusions.
Has anyone here ever read CRYTONOMICON by NEAL STEPHENSON? There is a part way at the end that has a fascinating analysis of gods and myths across cultures and one of them is of course Loki. It's interesting that a god of cunning intelligence is often portrayed in the Norse worldview as being both very duplicitous as well as often too smart for his own good. In myth a lot the times while Loki is essential to getting the goDS out of some jam using craftyness, it's also the case that they wouldn't have gotten into said messes if Loki wasn't scheming up a storm to begin with.
The Norse people of their times seemed to have a distrust or at least a strong distaste of the type of prowess Loki exemplified.

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