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Default Re: Unpopular music-related opinions

Originally Posted by Go Web Go! View Post
The 80s probably has some of the most addictive music. Everyone loves some kind or some form of 80s. The 70s was the decade in which rock and other genres started to become extremely diverse, while the 80s was the decade in which many of the subgenres of rock started to not only gain recognition, but become popular.

Originally Posted by darkseid26 View Post
Journey is overrated
I can name only don't stop believing and thats it.

Originally Posted by david icke View Post
He quit because of Keith and Mick's stranglehold over the songwriting credits, he didn't get credit where it was due for some songs. Which is crazy, you want the band to be the best it can be, share the wealth, credit where it's due.
Jagger/Richards wanted to be like McCartney/Lennon, which came to bite them on the ass as they let Taylor leave.

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