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Default Re: MCU Phase 2 Box Office/Budget Prediction Thread

Well IM3 is out now, so time to update predictions accordingly:

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
We're getting closer and closer to phase 2 so I'm wondering what everyone's predictions are for the movies' budgets and BO grosses are as a whole. Here's mine:

Budget: 200M
Gross: 900M - 400M/500M OS

-Thor 2
Budget: 175M
Gross: 600M - 200M/400M OS

-Cap 2
Budget: 150M
Gross: 400M - 200M/200M OS

Budget: 175M
Gross: 500M - 200M/300M OS

Budget: 250M
Gross: 1.6B - 700M/900M OS

Budget: 140M
Gross: *350M - 150M/200M OS

Budget: 1.09B
Gross: 4.4B
-Iron Man 3
Budget: $200m
Gross: $1.25b - $450m/$800m OS

-Thor: The Dark World
Budget: $175m
Gross: $900m - $350m/$550m OS

-Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Budget: $150m
Gross: $700m - $325m/$375m OS

-Guardians of the Galaxy
Budget: $150m
Gross: $625m - $275m/$350m OS

-Avengers 2
Budget: $250m
Gross: $2.1b - $700m/$1.4b OS

-Ant-Man (might as well count it)
Budget: $140m
Gross: $450m - $200m/$250m OS

Budget: $1.09b
Gross: $6.1b

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