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Default Re: Assassin's Creed IV

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
That's what's always prevented me from really getting into the series. I think if they were true historical set games that'd be great but i could care less for Desmond or the animus or virtual reality constructs.
My feelings exactly. I didn't even finish AC1 or AC2 because the story didn't intrigue me at all. Unless a game as an interesting story, I don't feel the need to finish it. After a while the game play got too repetitive and I just gave up on it altogether, not bothering with AC3 as a result.

Originally Posted by AxlsAppetite View Post
It's just the delivery of the present day stuff that's lacking, not the content. Otherwise we would just be playing as cool Assassins throughout time with no real purpose.

Leaving it out would be like watching The Matrix without any of the scenes set in the matrix. It would be incomplete.
I disagree. Obviously it's subjective, but I'd be perfectly happy with a series where we just play as "cool assassins throughout time". There's no reason the story couldn't be something else that links them all together without sci-fi future baloney. For me it's definitely not a case of the future stuff being less fun than the past stuff, and absolutely a case of the over all story just being uninteresting.

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