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Default Re: Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique: Oscar Winner Edition

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
question is Why Ravel looked so young, when she is suppposed to be older than the rest

and Why her blue body changed soooooooo fast into human body?

That whole quick transformation of the cure in Mystique and Beast hand on X3 were two ridicoulous and unrealistic moments to me.

Medicine and genetic changes take time. So the cure should have taken a longer time too. It was a fantasy take, instead of a realistic/sci-fi take, like how the franchise is supposed to be and the Singer's universe.

Thats one of the things where you realize the writers and Brett Ratner lack intelligence and talent.

For some reason, I have doubts Singer would have done exactly like them
Something that bugs me, too, but I'm not about to use it as a knock against Ratner. Artistic license is artistic license. If I let something like that really matter to me, I wouldn't be enjoying the absurdity of any of the mutants' powers.

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