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Default Re: The New Stuff I Got Thread Reboot - Part 2

I have that Thor on the PREVIOUS ML Thor's Stand.
Originally Posted by Rob3880 View Post
Sold about 1/4th of my MU collection so far, and brought in a $#!+load of money in the process!! So I just bought a whole bunch of ML's. So I will have the Giant Man series completed as of tomorrow, I picked up AOA Weapon X (regular) AOA Sabretooth, 1st appearance Thor, and Beardless Sentry. All I need is burned face Weapon X, which they have at my LCS for $10., so I will buy him there tomorrow, finally completing the Giant Man series!! Then I also picked up Omega Red and Mystique, completing the Sentinel series. I'm shopping around for a good price on a 1st appearance Grey Hulk so I can complete the Galactus series.

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