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Default What is the minimum amount of heroes to call this movie "Justice League"

Kind of a left field question, but I want to know what people think. What heroes are required to make this movie function as a Justice League?

"League" implies many, but really only denotes multiple. I understand that when we get down to fewer than 4 there are different names, but who believes that Superman and Batman can start a Justice League on their own?

If they made a movie with:
Superman and Batman, would they have to call it World's Finest?
Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman would they have to call it Trinity?
All of the above and Aquaman does it have to be called Super Friends?

Does a JL film have to have The Flash? Does it have to have Green Lantern?

Really a league only has to have two members. Superman and Batman can team up prior to recruiting more members. To compete with Avengers however, maybe the team needs 5. What do you think makes it the Justice League?

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