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Default Re: What is the minimum amount of heroes to call this movie "Justice League"

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Definitely empty but I still think they could get away with it cuz 4 superheroes is still a League of sorts. If you have a 5th member (which will happen) it needs to be some kind of Green Lantern. It's the personality, maybe the color of skin, and even the color green...honestly it all adds a balance even if some of that sounds silly. It's just fact.

Flash is a must though, 10 times more than Green Lantern I think. You just can't call it Justice League without Flash and the dynamic he brings.
Damn right.

And I say the film needs the original 7.

In order of importance:

1.) The Trinity of course
2.) The Flash
3.) Green Lantern
4.) Martian Manhunter
5.) Aquaman
6.) Maybe throw Hawkgirl or if you must, Cyborg, even though I'd rather not see him in JL at all and would rather save him for Teen Titans

I will take Martian Manhunter over Aquaman, Cyborg, and any other character not above him on that list. I say he has to be in the movie REGARDLESS of who they end up using, he must be in it in some capacity (and more than just a CAMEO!!!). He is the Nick Mason of the JLA, he has to be there. He should have a semi large role, either directly or indirectly. He's one of the most unique characters DC Comics has. I want to see him done like the JL/JLU show, but his costumed appearance is his true form.

That episode of JLU 'Task Force X" where the villains suddenly find themselves left alone with J'onn in the Watchtower is pure brilliance. I want moments like that on the screen for MM. 100 times cooler (and always cooler) than anything you could ever do with Aquaman, regardless of interpretation.

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