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Default Re: What is the minimum amount of heroes to call this movie "Justice League"

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
I think that's too much for the first movie but I agree with ur order.

I will say this though about MM. He can be more than a cameo in his disguise, John Jones. Played by Lance Reddick this would be unreal. I don't know if u watched LOST, but his character (who was spread across only a handful of episodes in the series, in small appearances) was extremely creepy, mysterious. If they can use MM as Jones where u don't know if he's an alien (Reddick gives that vibe lol) or a bad government official trying to cause trouble or a good guy who has their best interests.

That to me sounds fantastic. With a reveal at the end of his true self (he can be that secret character Nolan always likes to keep away from trailers like Ducard becoming Ras, Miranda becoming Talia, Blake becoming Robin, Dent turning into Two-Face).

Make it eerie but super bad-ass when he changes into MM.
I'd have a seven member limit, personally. Hawkgirl, etc was there in case they insisted on doing more. But I like that idea for John Jones, although I am really hoping he shows up as Martian Manhunter more throughout. They shouldn't be ashamed of that character or feel like they have to hide him in his John Jones identity because of that you know. However, if they're only set on doing 5 and including another is pushing it, then definitely have him there as John Jones at least and maybe reveal who he really is later on at some point.

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