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Default Re: What is Superman's relationship with God(if any)?

Originally Posted by Thundercrack85 View Post
Actually, Rao is both the name of Krypton's sun and the name of the god.

I assume that Rao was once identified with the sun, the same way some human religions identified their chief deity with our sun (I.e. Ra).

The Kryptonians presumably don't literally worship their sun. At least not by the time they mastered interstellar travel.
According to the version of Zod that appeared on Smallville Season 9, the Kryptonian religion involved the worship of science and shared knowledge. In that context I suppose that Rau represented the embodiment of all scientific knowledge. Of course, Zod at the time was using the shared knowledge issue as leverage to try to convince Clark to share his knowledge / powers with the rest of the Kryptonian community as they had arrived on Earth totally powerless.

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