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Default Re: General Star Wars Episode VII News/Speculation Thread - Part 8

I was gonna put this in a PM but I'll just do it openly.

@Solidus and Whiskey; My intention was never about branding EVERY OT only fan, and yes my post contained an antagonistic tone I admit. My reason being that every time a change was made to the OT it was defecated on, no matter how minor it was, but change a major chunk of the 6 film saga that was developed largely in the PT, and it's fine, great in fact, the double standard coupled with my love of AOTC and Boba Fett rubbed my rhubarb.

Me bringing up your posting style elsewhere Whiskey was because you took my post out of context and accused me of doing something you do all the time, which is post brashly based off emotion. Then you brought me being red into it which always pisses me off as I never use that as leverage, it's my cardinal rule.

It was never meant to get personal, like I say Whiskey I've went to bat for you because while you can often be abrasive, it comes from a place of passion and positivity, and Solidus, we go back nearly ten years, I hope you realize there was no beef from my side, simply a passionate disagreement.

If anyone was offended or upset with my posts, I apologize but feel free to report it, we have an independent staff and I'm not bulletproof, I stand by my posts but others may feel I crossed a line.

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