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Default Re: Matthew Vaughn Helming X-Men: First Class Sequel

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The dogtags could be the explanation.

In X2 when Xavier sees Magneto In his prison Magneto says to Xavier you haven't told him about his past.Xavier says he put him on the path saying Logan's mind Is still fragil.

A case can be made both of them had prior knowledge of Wolverine.So If they want to go In that direction they are hints In Bryan Singer's X-Men films to build on.

Remember, the first X-Men film takes place in the not too distant future. Since the film was released in 2000, we'll just say 2005 or whatever. In the first film, Xavier mentioned to Wolverine that it's been 15 years since he lost his memory. So, in theory, Logan lost his memory around or past 1985. First Class takes place in 1962, so that explains how Xavier and Magneto hint at knowledge of who and what Logan is in the first and second films. Logan hadn't lost his memory yet when we get his cameo in First Class.

If the sequel to First Class takes place in the 70's, the Logan character can still be in continuity with that's been established in First Class, X-Men, and X2.

They just need to be careful with introducing Logan into the fold and possibly coming into contact with Jean, Storm, and Scott. Frankly, those three shouldn't even show up in sequel.

If they play their cards right, Logan can be more than cameo....