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Originally Posted by obin_gam View Post
Started watching this today while I was home sick. After ten episodes it's really grown on me
I love the pacing of the episodes, even though it stalls a bit where they fight the prisoners around episodes 8-9-10 but overall its great.

Only real gripe I have about it is that I don't for one bit buy Kurapika character, just.. no. Neither do I like Killua, he just seems so schizo and not in a good way - one second he's alright, chilling and fun, but the next he becomes this brooding brat which is so annoying.

Gon and Leorio I love as characters though, which makes the show up til where I am now a little disappointing because those two are the ones least developed yet. But I suppose that will come in time.

I've truly missed a show like this, ever since I discovered Naruto (which I subsequently stopped watching after 70 or so episodes) way back when. This show just gives out this happy aura and I'm psyched to what will follow these initial hunter-trials.
Yeah, it took some time to grow on me too, some like Kurapika, others don't, more development for him will come but i'm not sure it will change your view of the character. Killua's tricky too, he acts like a child most of the time however he was raised by a family of assassins and so will some times go on pointless killings, this will change little by little.

I warn you that in Hunter X Hunter there's not really good and evil, some main characters may have to do questionable things (like Killua did), and the tone usually remains happy and liveable besides the horrible things going on, at first i didn't like this fact, but now it's one of my favourite things with the show.

I also like Leorio, at the exams he does get developed, but he doesn't get as much screen-time as the others, while Gon kind of gets developed very slowly, but from what i heard happening in the manga that development is worth it. I quite like the dynamic between those four.

Good to know you're liking it, update us from time to time please

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Plenty of male-led action films fail, yet the actors' gender is not blamed. Why should it be different for women? Especially since far more male-led action films are made than female-led action films?
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