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Default Re: "DAT SMEXY": The Sexiest X-Men Photo Album

Originally Posted by batboy99 View Post
Since everyone is giving their top 5, I will too.

1. Taylor Kitsch. This is definitely my type of guy. Rugged, yet still ''pretty''. Someone who cares how they look, yet can still throw me around.
2.Ryan Reynolds. A guy who is not only funny but HOT AS HELL??!?! mmff yes please.
3. Hugh Jackman.Oh. My. God. So yum.
4. Daniel Cudmore. A little more beefy, but so tall. Hot.
5.James Mcavoy. Such a handsome man.
If I counted Origins as a film in the franchise (to me, it barely even qualifies as a film...), I would totally put Taylor as my number 3 after Hugh and Fassy.

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