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Originally Posted by STARMAN View Post
I guess I'm one of the few people who didn't have a problem with that scene.
I even REALLY like that scene, to be honest. He was around 16 so he trusted him, until its too late. I get why people have a problem with it though.

And about Amazing Spidey 2... I really liked the movie. Sure, it was hammy in parts, but it had the same strengths like the first one: the relationships between Peter and Gwen/May. Those scenes were really good. I also liked the action.
Only real problem was that its overstuffed with characters. Why the heck did they feel the need to shoehorn Felicia Hardy in there for 2 scenes???
Also the villains were kinda dumb, or at least used in a dumb way, but thats a problem I had with almost all Spidey movies (except Raimi Spidey 2).
Also, Green Goblin gets the full Venom treatment straight out of Spiderman 3. its a shame.
But again, the positive stuff still made it a fun night at the movies. The love story stuff was the best of the entire movie though and if thats not your cuppa tea than you will be dissappointed. My girlfriend liked it a lot because of the love story. She even says its her favorite Spidey film thus far, but she never was a big fan before.

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