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Default Re: The Punisher - General Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Joe Von Zombie View Post
The ole "true fans" argument. You're going for the gold in the troll Olympics. I'm sorry that character nuance, development, and attempting to have something to say about the military industrial complex are concepts that are "too stupid' for you. There's always Punisher: War Zone, that seems more up your alley.
OMG I watched that movie the other day (was on one of the premium channels) and I forgot how incredibly terrible it was. I liked Stevenson as Frank, but the rest, TERRIBLE.

Also, when watching Jigsaw in that movie, I couldn't remember who he reminded me of, then it hit me, Paulie Walnuts from the Sopranos! He acted just like him, the way he talked, his mannerisms, everything. Watch some clips from the Sopranos and watch Jigsaw in that movie.

Seriously though, people want to complain about some liberties this show is taking should look at the liberties the three movies took, no skull emblem, being set in Miami, entire family get killed (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc), comical to downright cringe worthy embarrassing villains, and on and on. People need to be thankful this Punisher is fleshed out, and the villains are not a joke.

I just finished the episode where he's in the woods and I think this is the best show since DD season 1.

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