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Default Re: The Punisher - General Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
I would rank the Netflix shows so far:

Daredevil S1
Jessica Jones S1
Punisher S1
Daredevil S2
The Defenders
Iron Fist S1
Luke Cage S1

I loved this show a lot. Great opening intro, loved the villains, Bernthal is the man, and this show might be a slow burn, but the overall story was much more focused than other Netflix shows were at times. Several shows almost feel like 2 different shows going at the same time, usually with one of them being far less interesting than the other, but Punisher never felt like that. I feel like DD1, JJ1, and Punisher had the most focus.

I really cannot wait for a second season of Punisher.
My ranking is pretty similar. Does anyone know what the exact time frame of this show was? While it was taking place is Matt Murdock supposed to be dead? That's the only person I COULD have seen showing up, but if he's
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supposed to be buried under a skyscraper
him not showing obviously makes sense.

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