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Default Re: Solo sequels or Avengers sequels???

I think BP, Dr. Strange, Luke Cage, Heroes for Hire, etc will go the way of DC's second string guns. The company will talk but nothing will happen for years. It's just not tentpole material and I doubt Disney is reverting to C-list characters that can't even hold a prime summer slot once the distribution deal reverts back in house. If Thor and Cap flop, even an Avengers trilogy is in jeopardy so that's not a given either. Spiderman will be worthless if Sony milks another trilogy out of him. I also feel X4-6 will inevitably happen under Fox's umbrella, barring these spinoffs being disasters for them (we can only hope). I still think there is tentpole material outside Avengers if they can get back FF. Even Defenders (Namor, SS, Dr. Strange lineup) to keep Hulk involved in the universe without giving him risky solo movies. If not, Marvel could be back to where they were in the mid to late 90's by the end of the decade, proportionally speaking.

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