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Default Re: Solo sequels or Avengers sequels???

Originally Posted by rede123 View Post
Johnson is not that good with period pieces, actualy there was a continuity problem with the wolfman in which it is featured a bridge from england, first seen being constructed, and moments later it appears already constructed, while in real life it took some more years for its construction to be concluded. I don´t remember the bridge´s name, but i remember seeing and reading this.
This shows that Johnson likes period pieces but is not very good making them.
That one mistake does not make him "not very good at making them". Thats a continuity problem.It is lazy editing, or writing or both. It happens in all movies. In IM2 Rockwell's glasses are hanging on to his back after he gets slammed into the table near the end of the film and when he gets up, there on top of his head. It tends to be lazy editing. Sure, the bridge thing is bigger, and it certainly isn't good, but that alone does not prove he's not good at making period pieces.

As for the poll, I think they need to make solo sequels and Avengers sequels. Not just for Cap, but for Cap, Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor. I really feel like Hulk has what it takes to be a major blockbuster, they just need him to be more of a hero. TIH defiantly touched on that by adding a real villain. IMO, TIH is one of Marvel's best films, but I think one of the reason's the Hulk character hasn't caught on is that both films, have focused on the Army vs Hulk/Fugitive Banner aspect more than the heroism of the Hulk. I'm not saying they need to scratch the fugitive stuff, because thats a major part of the character, but I think they could have a big hit if they made a Hulk film that focused more on Hulk being the "hero" part of "anti-Hero". So far HULK and the first 3 acts of TIH focused on the "anti" part of "anti-hero".

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