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Default Re: Dear Kevin Feige... please don't slowly turn Marvel Studios into Fox or Sony

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
It boggles my mind how some of you are unable to see why the reason people are displeased goes beyond changes to the character. Honestly, some of you are failing to understand that when someone says 'I don't like what they did with the Mandarin' it's not about comic accuracy, it's about the build up to the character. It's not about whether he has powers or the lack of rings, it's about about feeling misled. Come on people, start reading between the freakin lines a bit more.
You act like that is something new. What did you expect? Them to advertise the twist in advance? Let's be realistic here. Films have been doing this since at least the 30s, and I only can't say before then because I'm not familiar enough with the Silent Era. Many all-time classics have done this. You just come off as whining because a director had the audicity to try and fool the audience.

"OMG. This movie is so AWFUL! We were led to believe that Darth Vader murdered Luke's father! That's false advertising!"

I'm sorry, I don't like to be condescending, but in this case that argument is just so ridiculous I can't help it. Not liking a twist because you thought it was stupid or didn't work is one thing. Not liking a twist because you felt 'misled' is retarded.

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