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Default Re: Rumoured New X Men Cartoon

Originally Posted by usagicassidy View Post
You guys don't have to convince me. You all think it's great. Which is fine and dandy.

And i don't. I think it's just alright. And I would much prefer WatXM and seasons 3/4 of Evolution. And I guess we'll just never see eye to eye on this one. Haha.
I agree on this.

In It;s first season X-Men had sentinles storyline.Season 2 had Mr sinster and savage land.In season 3 you had out of past two parter setting up phoenix saga and after that Dark Phoenix as sequel.But after that show became indivual episodes with occasional 2 parters.Exception was the beyond good and evil 4 parter.

While early on X-Men evolution was easy to critize there was slight serialation
with how characters were introduced and magneto In background plotting.In season 2 you can see the serialation more and from mintute you had season 2 two parter which Introduced sentinles into show,Sabretooth COlossus Gambit and Pyro as magneto's acolytes It became a true X-Men animated show worthy of attention and excitemnet.

Wolverine and the X-Men Is clearly best In animation that we have had of X-Men.Yeah we can complain about roles of cyclops and Storm on show but still

X-Men evolution-It has shadowcat Instead of Jubilee.That's already a plus.for
those who complain about wolverine's role In films and his relationship with jean.This show should be popular

Wolverine and the X-Men-It's like one 26 part story.Again Shadowcat Instead of Jubilee Is a major plus

Rogue and Toad On both shows are influenced by film versions.

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