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Default Re: OFFICIAL: Rate & Review Iron Man 2

Everyone take notice the of the new announcement at the top of the page regarding spoilers - posting here as well for anyone who missed it.

Now that Iron Man 2 is being released internationally -we just want to remind everyone of a few spoiler guidelines:

1. SPOILER TAGS: use them. We don't want keep you from discussing the movie openly if you've seen it, but just consider that the movie hasn't been released everywhere yet and even though this is a spoiler forum, just be considerate of your fellow hypsters who haven't seen the movie yet. You can spoil whatever you want, just keep it in tags.

2. LEAKED FOOTAGE: anything showing up on YouTube that is not official footage (like the end credits scene) is considered a bootleg and cannot be posted here for legal reasons. So don't post them. You can discuss the end credits scene in spoiler tags (for now), but don't post videos of that or anything else bootlegged off the actual movie.

We don't want to keep anyone from discussing spoilers, especially now that some of us are lucky enough to be seeing the movie already, we just want everyone to play fair and keep the good stuff in tags until the movie is available (legally!) to everyone.

You're free to talk about anything from the movie, just try to use the spoiler tags whenever possible until next week when the movie is in release everywhere.

Have fun!

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