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Default Re: OFFICIAL: Rate & Review Iron Man 2

I saw Iron Man 2 today, and loved it.

they really introduced alot of elements that will help weave the marvel universe together. it felt like it was touching a much larger story, leading into a much bigger story but still maintaining its own, iron man story. the effects were great and the actors were solid.... except justin hammer. i didnt like him, a bit too much improv allowed for him i think.

mickey rourke was awesome. he gave the story alot of credibility. hes such a good actor i bought his performance totally. same with RDJ, hes not just the wise cracker anymore, hes showing alot more depth this time round.

Jackson was a different Fury than i was expecting, hes awesome. cant wait to see him jumping out of a chopper with a big gun in the avengers films. he nailed fury

scarjo wasnt as great as i hoped. she looked like a knock out but she stumbled over the dialogue a bit, but her action and black widow persona was great.

and the after the credits scene just tied it together really well, such an awesome way to end it

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