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Default Re: 2013: The Re-Up (box office predictions) - Part 1

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
It's not going to surprise me if within the next few years there's going to be fewer and fewer big budgeted movies being released. We're at the absurd level where every film over a 3-4 month period is trying to present itself as an event movie, many of which struggle to break even let alone make a profit, especially when you hear things like Harry Potter 6 didn't even break even in spite of making a crap load of cash. That is a concern because it means studios are over relying on additional forms of revenue to earn money back on the film, and there's only so many franchises that will ever be capable of doing that like Star Wars.
That was Harry Potter 5, and it made plenty of money. Adding the expenses of other films to its bill in an attempt to avoid paying bonuses doesn't change that.

Every HP was incredibly profitable before ever leaving the theater.

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