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Default Re: 2013: The Re-Up (box office predictions) - Part 1

Originally Posted by :eek: View Post
Funny thing though it's been a strong summer domestically from a box office perspective. There was a time before the summer season began when 2013 was around $300 million behind 2012. That gap has, as of July 18, narrowed to just $70 million.
It's too bad July 2013 will lag behind last year's July earnings. Pacific Rim just didn't turn into that massive hit WB was hoping for. While The Conjuring will be a moneymaker, thanks to it costing a fraction of PC's production budget, I don't think it'll be a big juggernaut.

Maybe it's time WB should rethink their summer blockbuster playbook, since Alan Horn and Jeff Robinov were ousted.

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