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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - - Part 11

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Dude, no offense, but I feel like you have a huge misconception of what Wonder Woman is supposed to be like.

She isn't a character that's there to be someone else's trophy prize, ala "token love interest of the week". To do that would be to go against what the character was created and stands for. She wouldn't be Wonder Woman any more in a sense.
To each his own, man.

Even the trades reported the rumor that Diana could be Bruce's arm candy for the BvS film. My statement was referring to that.

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Plus, are you seriously using the Donner films and SR as a basis for why MOS, a film that has NOTHING to do with those previous films, Clark and Lois will not work out in this franchise? Seriously?

You must have missed Snyder repeatedly saying that they weren't really taking anything from the previous films into account and went into making this film as if there had been no superman films before it.

And really, prior to the New 52, Lois and Clark were happily married for like over a decade, and were each other's primary love interests for most of their canon history before that.

Honestly, you have YET to provide one GOOD reason that isn't SHALLOW or demeaning towards woman, on why Superman and Wonder Woman should be together.
Originally Posted by Fallen Angel View Post
What the heck are you on about inconsistent? They were each others main love interest till the reboot and will be again. They were married since the mid 90's in the main continuity and before that engaged.
And they may not take that canon into account either. My point was that they're doing their own thing. There isn't a specific pattern they are required to conform to. So far, they went a very non-traditional route with Lois and Superman in MoS. I really doubt they'll suddenly go back to how it was done in the 90s comics.

There was enough division at DC over the marriage to begin with.There were a lot of poor decisions made by DC in the 90s. I'm glad they finally got rid of it. The interviews with Didio, Lee and Morrison regarding the reasons why they disliked the marriage are quite interesting.

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
No, it really doesn't, but some people love their knee jerk reactions. WW and SM as a couple doesn't AUTOMATICALLY demean her character anymore than Black Canary/Green Arrow being a couple demeans their characters, or Ant Man/Wasp, or Luke Cage/Jessica Jones, etc. It's all a matter of the writing, simple as that. Saying that something can NEVER work says more about the fan than the writer.

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