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Default Re: The box office "bar of success" for Batman/ Superman.

Originally Posted by dnno1 View Post
A rule of thumb is that a film should make about 1.83 times more than it cost to develop and produce. If they were expecting the film to make $500 million or more, then they must have sunk more than $270 million into its development and production. "Superman/Batman" will have the same rule applying to it. Even if it doesn't make $1 billion, it will have to make 1.83 times more than it cost to produce it to get another film.
Not necessarily. With any product that has expectations attached to it, there will always be a desire for a high box office gross. So if it doesn't meet the figure they're wanting, they may just go back to a regular MOS sequel, or go back to Batman solos.

This film, like MOS, is a tent-pole film intended to be a backbone of Warner's future line-up. I imagine that if it doesn't make at least $800 million, that plans for a Justice League film could change.

I know this isn't a completely apt comparison, but look at Jack Reacher. Even with it being a Tom Cruise, receiving generally good reviews and only costing $60 million, Paramount was very reticent about greenlighting a sequel, and didn't do it until it made over $200 mil, which is over 3x its cost.

A studio always has expectations, and if they aren't met, even if it's brand name, a sequel is by no means guaranteed.

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