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Default Re: The Wrestling Thread Is Under...Siege! - Part 247

Originally Posted by Dr. Evil View Post
If you want Paige, Sonya and Mandy to be a dominant force, they should have beaten every woman up on Monday, but they didn't. They destroyed Sasha, Mickie, Bayley and Alexa. Alicia Fox ran away, which would be how we expect her character to react. Nia wasn't on TV, so the fact that they didn't attack her made sense. I will be curious to see if those three attack Nia and/or Asuka next week. Somehow, due to her friendship with Alexa, I see them attacking Nia. Asuka, I'm not so sure about, but it could make for a good storyline, as it could unleash Psychotic Asuka, which would not be good for the rest of the division. The issue would be having two crazy people in the same division, although two different kinds: Crazy Alicia is funny but a Psychotic Asuka would make someone run away.
How are they going to make these two female factions different? Are they connected?

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