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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

OK OK Alexei

NOBODY(!) cares about lesbianism
Hell, I think most guys on this board would support more lesbian sex in comic movies

the objections people have about this now-infamous train scene is that it's sexual assault bordering on rape.
People here do not want to see wolverine get THAT low.
We get it, he's beat down. But to watch him sit there while a woman is assaulted immediately makes him much less sympathetic to the audience.

Nobody objects to wolverine being more adult
Nobody objects to sexual themes and images in an adult wolverine film
But nobody wants to see him be complicit in a rape

Now, further, you have no idea what films anyone on here has seen or enjoyed,
so when you throw out things like "oh watch better movies", it comes off pretty damn snobby.
Like it or not, just admit it.

Now, Can we finally move this Thread beyond the discussions of Aronofsky's abandoned script?!?!
There's a seperate thread for that

K Thnx bye


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