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Default Re: The Official IM3 Trailer Thread!

Originally Posted by Rogue Kira View Post
Uhhh thats not iron patriot lol Iron Patriot is a villan lol but its is pretty cool to see war machine's new paint job
Well techincally in the comics Iron Patriot is just an old obsolite Ironman armor that was confiscated by the government and given a Paint Job and recommissioned by Norman Osborne.
Norman Osborn wears a full battlesuit patterned after the heroic images of Captain America and Iron Man. The battlesuit was cobbled together from StarkTech that had been confiscated from Tony Stark's armory at Avengers Tower shortly after H.A.M.M.E.R.'s formation. However, Osborn lacked the technical expertise on how to operate the armor's repulsor generators efficiently (replacing it with the not as powerful Uni-Beam projector star-shaped output), making it less powerful than Stark's Iron Man armors. It was hacked into and shut down for good by Iron Man at the end of the Seige of Asgard due to the armor based off an older design and has been not in use since.
It's a similar to some events that occurred in the Ironman 2. Only in the MCU James Rhodes confiscation the Armor for the government and the government recommissions. Then gives it an Captain America like Paint job. The only difference is that the MCU government puts Rhodes back in it. So Rhodes is what Osborn was trying to be in the comics. The governments Ironman.

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