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Default Re: How to defeat the villainous kryptonians?

Originally Posted by Rust View Post
Well, since this is Supes' first showdown I imagine it'll be a combined effort with Supes ultimately getting help from the army (including Dr. Hamilton). Not that it should make him look weak, but rather to show that they'll fight beside him accepting him. It would also seem like the obvious thing to do with their own planet at stake.
I think Supes might need that final push from an outside source to help beat Zod and co. Again, since this is his first fight. And I'm sure they'll be imprisoned again somehow rather than be killed.
I dont recall any superhero needs help in their final battle. Movie wise. Spidey. No. Bat no. IM. No. But the so called the greatest hero need help...

No wonder every tom n dick can kick his ass easily.

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