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Default Re: After MOS, I hope they go with Dark Knight Falls

Originally Posted by Superfreak View Post
I dunno, I'm 27, and I caught superman III and IV in the theatre, but I was pretty young. But those in the 30s would have been at the right age to get Superman fever, Star Wars fever and Indiana Jones fever... the good ol days when movies were HUGE

anyhow, after some thinking, and a another view of TDK, I change my mind. I'd go skipping MOS all together, and go into a World's Finest.
1) a world's finest will put the two worlds together, meaning that both universes (from the pov of the movie) will be minimized to fit a team up. That means they can just skip over superman's homelife, given that the movie should be focused on the duo, rather than each individual's melodramatic personal lives.
2) god knows that this current superman franchise needs a boost, and could benefit from a team up
3) I'd have a fanboygasm if we got that scene(s) from TAS, 1)Superman peaks at batman using the Xray 2)batman leaves the tracking device on superman. One of my favorites.

the idea appeals to me more and more, as the team up would basically throw Jason away for now. But a team up movie could help revitalize the superman franchise, as well as deal with that cliffhanger of sorts in TDK quickly. Singer needs to be pushed away until an actual superman solo sequel, where Jason would be dealt with, but this would come after.
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