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Thumbs up Re: After MOS, I hope they go with Dark Knight Falls

Originally Posted by Superfreak View Post
totally different situation and you know it. All the parts were there in SR, it was just a bad story. Keeping everything else constant, but changing the story, SR would have been far better. BF and B&R were two of the most foolish films ever made(and quite the opposite of SR, their stories were actually quite good, but their excecution was f'n horrible). The comparison is totally unfair, and way way way out of proportion.
Originally Posted by hippie_hunter View Post
Except Batman & Robin killed the Batman film franchise and is universally hated. Superman Returns didn't kill the Superman franchise and those who hate it and those who like it are rather evenly split.

You really can't even compare the two because Batman & Robin wasn't even a serious attempt at making a good film. It was a freaking 90 minute toy commercial.
You two just said what I was going to say. Thanks for taking the bullets for me with not wanting to explain a big paragraph or 2, you two.

~AP's a pedophilia who love posting pics of little boys in Superman costumes O_o
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