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Default Re: After MOS, I hope they go with Dark Knight Falls

Originally Posted by hippie_hunter View Post
1. Superman and Batman should never meet until Nolan and Singer are done with what they're doing.

2. World's Finest would be cool to see before a Justice League movie, but I can live without it.

3. Frank Miller should never, ever touch anything involving Superman. The man treats him with so much disrespect.

4. I think that almost no tweaking is needed. The way Nolan and Singer approached their respective characters, they can fit together. Realism can only go so far when making a comic book movie after all.

5. Even with prep-time, Batman will never beat Superman. Read Hush.

Um, I believe in Hush, he BEAT Superman.

You will never be forgoten Robert.

Thanks Cconn, for the avvy.

"Originally we wanted Bill Murray to play Batman." - Jon Peters.
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