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Default Re: Kevin Conroy's thoughts on bale and ledger

What I really REALLY hate about this threat is how some of you guys bash Bales batvoice and act like its a fact that its crap. Its all a matter of opinion. In my circle of friends I almost exclusively know people who love the Balebatvoice.

In my opinion Bales voice is great and one of many factors that make his Batman portrayal the definitive one for me, outside of the comics.

I grew up with the BTAS series and loved it, but I never got why people loved Conroy that much. I always hated his batvoice. In my ears it doesn't sound like Batman... it sounds like a knight on a horse, riding into battle. Its so frikking high and mighty... I never could stand it.
In my eyes Conroy as Batmans voice is hugely overrated and his insights in the character are barely skin deep, so I really don't get why people care so much about his opinion. Just because he has voiced the character doesn't mean he has any clue about it, or is some sort of expert on all things Batman. The lines he recorded for the Arkham Asylum game were totally out of character ("Gordon isn't as dumb as he looks" WTF?!? I know he didn't wrote them, but still) and as some guy asked him in an interview to answer a question as Batman himself, about the war on crime he said "Its a dirty job... but somebody has to do it", which, in my eyes is something that the character would never say.

So, in the end... I get that a lot of you guys love him, but in my eyes, bale is the definitive Batman, not Conroy.

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