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Originally Posted by gkokujin View Post
am i the only on who thinks Stormshadows "costume" is well...ridiculous?

He looks more like he should be on a runway or on stage singing to thousands of asian teens.
Yeah, i think the costume and set design people may have put more heart into it than the writers and directors but the miltary ain't a fashion show. For a lot of people, this is perhaps an overall problem with the presentation of this film version of G.I. Joe. That, or it's simply being helmed from an artiste stand point which isn't necessarily a bad thing but... it's actually about military and war before comic books and/or art. Like I said though, they can still save this and take it in a really awesome direction with the nanomites concept and the shape shifting ability used on Zartan but that remains to be seen.

In all truthfullness in a real world, Snake Eyes would have to be one of the most miserable people on the planet. Since we can't see or hear him, his counterpart(Storm Shadow) could have and should have served as that.

I honnestly never saw this Storm Shadow as putting on a runway show but I see where you are coming from and I said it after I first saw the original in theaters: although I didn't hate it, it seemed to have all the bells & whistles and not enough substance.

G.I. JOE = green canvas and spam sandwiches OR tassles & glitter and soy lattes?

You decide. I think it(G.I. JOE) needs to be something in the middle and this one may need more plain spam sammiches and green canvas. Or just incorporate nanomites and what's been done to Zartan and multiply it by 1000x, cast Mel Gibson as Major Bludd, and watch Saving Private Ryan before doing a third one and try going from there.

Duke aside, I think Major Bludd was the most uncared for character in the whole G.I. Joe universe. The only difference, now that I am older, is it works really well for Major Bludd. Who better to be the biggest piece of crap in the G.I. Universe than the media's favorite anti-semite, Mr. Mel Gibson! Major Bludd was the action figure with the loose joints who nobody picked because no kid had any idea what to do with the guy with the eye patch, the fumanchu, and the english ghetto accent. Hell, let him direct it to.

That said, no kid knew what to do with Duke either and I still don't think anyone does. SUburban white kids knew more what to do with Roadblock or even Stalker than with Duke. Keep the nanomites and Zartanx1000, cast someone for this guy:

And start thinking about just how much he looks like he could be Duke and maybe somehow someone can figure out the real Duke. Duke never played second fiddle to anyone, let alone Roadblock - that isn't Duke Hauser on the movie screen.

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