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Default Re: Silver Surfer vs Thor

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
Thor looked hurt though, he isnt going to show it to an opponent though and give them an advantage. Again all throughout Thor was trying to hurt Surfer with all of his might and couldnt. Surfer was just holding off Thor and trying to talk him down, not really trying to fight and suffered minimal damage. The Mars landing may have hurt him but that was Surfer's own doing, nothing to do with Thor.
honestly, it seems like you are basing your opinion off this one fight alone. You said you haven't read a lot of thor, and unless people read Thor, you really don't know how powerful he really is, and how much heart he really has when he cuts lose. And my friend, this isn't it.

You've got to take my word, and everyone else's word here, that this fight is not Thor cutting lose. Thor, under his own power, Thor cutting lose is a whole different monster than this fight shows. Thor's holding back is almost involuntary now, he has been shown, on panel, to forget that his holding back, and forget that he has more power and strength than what he is using. I have read a lot of Surfer in the past, and my opinion is that thor written correctly, without holding back takes on the surfer. Thor had the power to knock out the surfer BEFORE his powerup in about 4 or 5 blows. Surfer has been powered up, but not too much. The fight we are talking about, a few years ago, where the scans were posted, it wasn't any different than anything other fight.

Do you think this surfer can take on Thanos?

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