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Default Re: The "Little Things" You Appreciated/Loved Thread - Part 1

I loved this movie. I have been a die-hard Superman fan since I was a kid, even dressing up as Superman a couple of days when I would go to kindergarten. I'm glad that Snyder took people's preconceptions about the character and threw them out the window, showing people "yes, this is why Superman is the godfather of all superheroes".

Man of Steel was the first movie to get the action and Supes' powers right. And there were so many moments that gave me that nostalgic/awestruck feeling that I used to get as a kid.

The main ones being:
1. Superman flying for the first time.
2. Superman taking out Zod and flying him through the cornfield, yelling about Zod threatening his mother.
3. Superman enduring and then flying back up through the gravity well in India.
4. The shot with young Clark striking the iconic Superman pose at the dog.

I wrote an article on my website about why this was the best Superman movie, if anyone would like to read it (and also so I don't post an essay here).

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