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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 10

There's not a thing wrong with speculating about what could or couldn't be happening in any given movie. That's what the title of the thread is all about.

What *is* crossing the line, imho, is when people claim that their speculation is gospel truth because they have "sources" and "insiders," which is usually absolute and total bull****. Then people start believing their b.s., and some of them even start blogging about it, and the Internetz picks it up then, and rumor becomes "fact." Then everybody acts all shocked when those "facts" turn out to be nothing but a house of cards.

*That's* what I have a problem with. I don't know for certain, but haven't some posters actually gotten banned for doing just that --- lying about having "sources" and "insider info"? Seems that at least one or two people got banned for trolling in the past for that. I dunno.

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