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Default Re: Gambit: What Should They Do With Him?

I think its dumb that they didn't put Gambit in the X trilogy because they aid his powers mirror Cyclops and attitude is like Wolverine's, clearly people at Fox didn't kno what they were talking about...because they used him in XMO

but since the X trilogy played out like it did, I wld like to see Gambit show up in potential First Class sequels...w/o Logan, we need a "bad boy" character, and he can clash w/Cyclops and also their is room for a story between him and Storm, relationship, hmm maybe...and possibly by the 3 movie he leaves the team...or for a dramatic twist he is killed during a battle w/humans and since him and Storm being close that could lead 2 why in X1/2 she was angry/scared of humans...

just something to think about

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