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Default Re: Wait... Shouldn't they have called this movie "Humans Vs. Decepticons"?

Originally Posted by RouthIsSuperman View Post
I'm confused at why a lot of people are so upset over the fact that there is too much of a human element (if there is such a thing). I mean, they did come to Earth, that is filled with humans. Why wouldn't there be a human element to the movies? I just think that it's silly to say that there were too many humans in the movie/s. Personally, I would find it boring if the entire movie was based on Cybertron.
I wouldn't be surprised if you walk around confused a lot, judging from your screen name.

But a good example is towards the end, Optimus gets his trailer knocked off by Shockwave (I think it was Shockwave), and says, "I need my trailer!". Then it's back to Sam and Co., scrambling through the collapsing building for like 20 minutes. Next thing you know, Optimus swoops in and saves the day! We never see Optimus get his trailer back. That would have been more interesting that watching Sam slide through a building for almost half an hour.

Another example is when BB charges in and saves Sam. A few scenes later, BB is captured with other Autobots. What the hell, man? When did BB get captured? When did the other Autobots get captured? Instead of showing it, we hear the humans talking about it. It's sooooo lame.

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