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Default Re: Discussion: North Africa & Southwest Asia Regional Issues II

Originally Posted by Midnyte_Sun View Post
The law is broken. When one country gets a free pass to build settlements, subjugate another population with apartheid and economic blockade, supported by the United States, the law is definitely not working.
There's not much else you can say. This clearly isn't about protecting human rights. It's just cronyism, and frankly we're about two steps from becoming Nazi Germany, or at least the USSR if this keeps up.

As much as I like *some of* what FDR did, he was pretty close to a Fascist. The parallels between him and his enemies are scary. He propped up America on the blood of so many people and turned war into a business. That may have been somewhat unavoidable, but between running for four terms, making friends with Stalin, and then all the really f***ed up sh** we did domestically during that period. His social policies were asinine and racist, and he pretty much introduced the idea of us handing the military blank checks. I agree with a lot of the social programs he introduced, but he distorted our relationship between Government, War and business in a way we're still recovering from.

FDR also gets credit, for some baffling reason, for getting the ball rolling on Civil Rights. That's pretty much a flat out lie. His wife was far more tolerant than he, and supposedly she was the one who pushed hard within his administration for better Civil Rights. FDR? FDR snubbed Jesse Owens and only invited white athletes to the White House. Jesse Owens is even reported as saying: "Hitler didn't snub me – it was FDR who snubbed me. The president didn't even send me a telegram."

Eisenhower was the first to recognize Jesse, naming him Ambassador of Sports.

I'm never sure why historians always try to paint FDR as not racist. He was a Social Darwinist like so many back then. It was Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon who made all the major strides in Civil Rights.

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