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Originally Posted by Midnyte_Sun View Post
Jews were in the Middle East, but before the creation of Israel and the Zionist colonization, they were no where near the numbers they are today. Much of the hostility towards Jews by Arabs happened after Zionists from Europe & Eurasia planned to depopulate and colonize Palestine.

If Palestine was a 'waste land desert' as Israelis claim, they wouldn't try so hard to erase the 400+ villages, and ethnically cleanse the Palestinians.
That is due to Romans raping the population up and down the region. Prior to that the Jews were a major population in the middle east. Like i said, that is historical fact. Any historian and archeologist of the region will tell you the same. The Jews were in the region until the Jewish-Roman War. That was the conflict that destroyed the population. Had it not happened the Jews would have remained a major population in the region. Yes they were small group compared to the surrounding nomads and empires but that is irrelevent. They were destroyed by the romans and had been in the region for thousands of years up until that event.

Also one thing to remember is that world wide population was much lower. Total population worldwide was less than 50 million at the time of the wars. There were no where near the number of other demographics in the region either. All population in the region has boomed over time. Not just the Jewish population. The problem is that the other populations grew naturally and over time. Where as, the Jewish population boomed in the region quickly and unnaturally due to a sudden immigration of Jews from all over the world. It has caused growing pains and shock to the region.

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