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Default Re: Discussion: North Africa & Southwest Asia Regional Issues II

Originally Posted by Shemtov View Post
What if you stole the house?
Becuse the Arabs-the Palestinians- conquered it from the Byzantines, who inheited it from the Romns, who conquered it from the Jews, who formed an independent state out of Greek Territory, who conquered it from Persia, who conquered it from Bbylon, who conquered it from the Jews.
Sure, we conquered it from the Canaanites, but please tell uswhere to find Canaanite, so we cn give it back to him.
please pardon the bad spelling. My "a" key is on the fritz.
Do you support giving back Manhattan to the Native American tribes currently attempting to sue to get their property back? Their claim to the land is far more recent and has changed hands far less times.

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On my planet, the S stands for Sears.
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