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Default Re: Anybody else miss Terrence Howard as Rhodey?

Originally Posted by Guerrilla View Post
I liked Howard as Rhodey, he seemed like a genuine friend to Tony. Then again, I feel the same way about Cheadle. Cheadle does come off a little more militaristic though. Cheadle looks pretty big in this photo. His arms dwarf RDJ's.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Yeah they do look pretty big there. Might just be how he has his arms hugged to his body though.

I just see Howard's acting in Dead Man Down and think about how good he could have been as Rhodes had he had more time. I'm still a little confused on what exactly happened between him and Marvel.

Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
As far as what this actual thread is about, eh, I didn't really care either way about either of em. They were just kinda.....there.
The reason why I started this now is because it seems like Rhodes will have a bigger role in IM3 and it got me thinking about how Howard would have been in the role.

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