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Default Re: Anybody else miss Terrence Howard as Rhodey?

Originally Posted by CastlesInTheAir View Post
We'll agree to disagree then. I saw nothing racist in Howard's performance, he was playing a character, and a convincing likeable one IMO. If you consider Howard's mannerisms racist then thats your problem.
my problem? really? First of all, I didn't say I saw it racist. Secondly, just because my opinion differs from yours, it means I have a problem??...I am telling you my POV, and most likely Sam's reasoning for his as well. Since an opinion differs from your opinion, said person has a problem? a bit egocentric huh? Let's not do that, or be like that. People like that aren't very likeably. Anywhere.

Now, as to my POV, I repeat..

I saw some stereotypes in Horwards portrayal that were probably unintentional. Those stereotypes..erhmmm *are what probably lead sam to think it was a racist performance*


No one is being racist here, I've taken a sociology cource this semester and last semester, with that **** being drilled into my head, I think i know enough to recognize the difference between stereotyping and racism lol cause they arent the same thing

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