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Default Re: Comparing the movies Thor and Man of Steel

Originally Posted by darkslayer101 View Post
imo no one would be complaining if Thor: TDW would have the same length of action scenes as MoS...
I just hope Thor gets the super-powered action scenes he deserves. Something MoS nailed.
I just seemed too repetitive to ME. I mean smashing through a building or two is one thing, but it seemed like it went on forever after the fourth time. I did like the fight scenes tho just alittle mix up on the way they were fighting would have been a bit better.
Like for Thor, I love the spinning and slinging stuff off the ground at an enemy but don't do it TOO often.
I'm hoping if they do give Thor the power to teleport to an area his hammer's flying but I hope they don't do it too much.

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