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Default Re: Will Superman have a new costume in Man Of Steel Sequel?

Originally Posted by Mike22 View Post
Here's a version of the suit I'd like to see.

A wider neckline
Red belt with yellow thin but raised metallic outline
A brighter blue.
The hair parting the right way, with a hint of a spitcurl.

I'd like to see that. Nice job. Something like that's exactly what should be done if they stick with the basic MOS design. Belt area looks much better and I'm glad those stupid lines all over it are gone.

EDIT: The stupid lines are still there in the picture but match the rest of his suit better and don't stand out as much. Was on my phone and could not see as well.

Even though the groin area still looks blank as **** without the "trunks", which help break up the suit a lot, IMO, this is a step in the right direction and an improvement.

Also the "s" curl would be nice to see, which is another reason why it's important his hair goes slightly to the left (especially if they try to part it), so the curl can look like a letter "s" (another thing Returns got wrong - if the curl is on the right there is no "s" with it, just a pointless curl - and yeah, I know it's been drawn that way in the comics sometimes, but it looks the best on the left side and makes there's almost reason for it; left looks like a letter "s", which is why he should wear it that way, right doesn't look like anything at all).

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